Friday, March 4, 2011

Free Spirit Soar

Stomp on the ground, what do you get? Not much I would imagine, just Newton's 3rd law of motion at work where the ground exerts a force upon you, even though you don't feel it. Also, the ultimate power of gravity preventing you from springing back into the air since the ground has no elasticity. But let's not have a physics lesson here.

The main topic at hand is the aurora of flying. Have you ever flown before? And no, I'm not talking about your plush airline seat with skymalls and peanuts! I'm talking about actually sitting in a cabin where one thin piece of metal is between you and the outside air. Where you feel every bump, hear every noise and see every extremity at all angles. Therefore, one hasn't fully experience the taste of flight unless they have gone up in a small single engine general aviation aircraft. This is where you will find the four forces of flight in all its glory.

I've been a pilot for two years now and know that my heart belongs in the sky instead of here on the ground. As Leonardo da Vinci once said, "for once you have tasted flight, forever your head will be turned skyward...there you have been and there you will always long to return". I hold fast to this quote as I always find myself randomly looking into the sky wondering why I'm not up there. For the longest time, I had to constantly bend my neck and yearn for flight, until I got my Pilot's License a year ago. Now I see the other looking down and watching the ground. However, it's not just the ground, its more than that. It is me watching over a quiet and peaceful world spinning slowly as I'm floating above in conjunction with the corliolas effect.

Most people assume piloting an aircraft is a daunting and stress induced task. It's only stress induced if you make it to be. Flying takes a lot of cognitive skill and situational awareness. You must be on your guard and we in the aviation biz know that you must always be ahead of your airplane. The cockpit can be overwhelming with its avionics resembling something from a spaceship and its limited space (about the size of a walk-in closet). However, it's the office for a pilot and is treated dearly like a baby in a nursery. Anxiety, anger, complacency, passiveness, timid and fear doesn't exist here.

When I fly, I escape into the abyss. On good days I can see for miles and witness the curvature of the earth. I can see birds flying along side me, clouds above me, and cars zipping below. This view is what God has intended, where we feel one with the world and our surroundings. That we see the other side of the spectrum and that we appreciate what has been given to us. Flying is inspirational...makes you light and free and of course is a gift!

I encourage everyone who might be reading this, to go and find a general aviation pilot to experience the fancy of flight (what the Wright brothers intended) and to never underestimate our ability to fly. Although flying might be a curse for the motion sickness folks, it is the beauty that has progressed our world so rapidly!

Yours in Aviation!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Football is the world's sport, hands down! You may have your hockey, basketball, rugby, golf, etc. but the most watched and appreciated sport, bar none, is and will always be Soccer (football). They don't call it the beautiful game for nothing. Think about it; it's amazing that a person can do so much with their feet and make it look good. It's almost like dancing/ballet mixed with the extremities of the outdoors (heat,sweat,grass,dirt).

Mind you, it is tough for a person to live in a country where soccer is unappreciative or solely not followed like basketball and American football. However, there are ways for the soccer enthusiast to have his/her way in America. I've been an Arsenal fan, or Gooner should I say, since I was 17 years old and yes it is quite difficult to follow them since they are never on American television or newspapers. Somehow during high school and before the Internet was at my grasp, I managed to keep up with the Gunners (nickname for Arsenal) via a very good friend of mine whose family had Fox Sports Channel and BBC programs. Also, my friend had a collection of Arsenal books and statistical magazines that enthralled my mind.

Soccer is a great passion of mine, second to Aviation of course! I started playing soccer when I was 8 and while growing up in the orphanage in Pune, Maharashtra, India I would regularly be seen kicking an old depleted pink and black round ball. As an Indian, soccer is not the sport or activity that one would normally associate with my race...but who needs stereotypes. As most people know, India is absolutely dreadful at the world's beautiful game, that is why most Indians are forced to find a fancy for an English Premier team. Hey the British might have owned India for 100 years, but they sure do know how to create a sport! This is partially why I follow Arsenal as they are located in North London and is widely known around Europe and the World. Another draw to Arsenal for me was their sole sponsor, Emirates Airlines. That's right, how great is it that a sports team that I love is also heavily supported by an aviation related company!? Therefore...I think and I know that I am a Goooner!

This passage is in response to my exhilarating feeling I have right now as Arsenal just beat FC Barcelona in one of the rounds of the Champions League. Folks, this is a huge win!!! In the history between the two teams, Arsenal has lost 3 times and tied twice with one of those defeats ocurring in  2006 during the Champions League final. That was a big disappointment, but we were definitely the under dogs. Anyways, this significant win means that it is the first time ever that Arsenal has ever beaten Barcelona (one of the best teams in the world). Hell, going into this game all I was thinking is that it will be an automatic loss if we can't somehow stop Lionel Messi (Argentina's leading scorer) and Iniesta (Spain's leading scorer).  The first half proved my theory as Barca went 1 up on us. However the second half was overwhelming as we had great passes and shots on goals. But the man of the match who is also the face of the team was Robin Van Persie. Van Persie is every Arsenal fans idol, he of course wears the number 10 jersey and soccer fans already know the significance behind this! He was also in the final game of the World Cup playing for his home country, the Netherlands (unfortunately they lost to Spain). The other player who saved us in the match against Barca who also sealed our win was Arshavin...and do I need to say more?

People (especially you, America) tune into soccer and enjoy the beauty of the sport. I know it might be boring with low scores and passing back and forth, back and forth, but every sport can have its' dull moments. For once you have been to a soccer match in person, your mind will forever be changed!


Monday, August 23, 2010

Why the long face?

I will start by saying that people are the stupidest people I know. Thats right, you won't believe what I encounter on a regular basis, from stupidity to just downright rudeness. You all know that I have an Indian background, which I don't flaunt about and most people assume that I'm American anyways, since my accent has since been depleted. But this is not about my ethnic background but rather about food/cuisine.

I try to invite many of my friends to go grab some Indian food with me as to bring along some change in my fellow American's lifestyles. Me being Indian, you think some people would hide how they really think about Indian cuisine, but thats not the case, as i hear people all the time tell me that the food stinks, give them diarrehea and looks gross in front of my face! I'm all for freedom of speech and expression, but for someone who is of Indian heritage and loves it dearly, why would you be so grotesque with your comments? It's almost degrading in a way and a little hurtful to my personality, if you ask me. However, I don't make a fuss or a scene about it in public and most normally keep comments to myself. I also don't make such comments if someone invites me along to try something new, such as Greek or Ethiopian cuisine. For me, trying different things is an adventure, and I know not most people are like this, but still could people be somewhat civil with their comments?

I realize that a lot of the media here in the United States create huge stereotypes and Americans base all their facts on this. Thus, it doesn't surprise me that people (including some of my friends) tell me that they would rather not have Indian food, because it's too spicy/hot, stinks, sickening, etc. Well, American fast food is sickening, no? I can't change people's tastebuds, but their politeness and manners could use some tune-up when dealing with people of other ethnicities.

Blogs are a good place to go on a rant....haha!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Can't keep up

So yesterday the I-pad was released, and I already have mixed feelings about it. For apple fans, its another flair in their treasure chest. For PC users, its just another quick tool to keep apple users satisfied. I myself don't really like the appeal of it as most people are saying that its just an oversized ipod touch or iphone. Not to mention the name is awful...more like maxi-pad. haha I crack myself up! anyways, the design is too standard (as apple devices go) and will be killer on your eyes if you try to read a whole book on it. Instead, today I have been doing a lot of research on this new Acer Aspire Z5600 multi-touch all-in-one desktop, which looks to be promising. I have an Acer Aspire One netbook which i absolutely enjoy, and will probably stick to Acer for my computer essentials in the future. Right now thinking about getting rid of this iMac G4 thats sitting in my room, cuz its a useless machine, anybody want it for free?

As you can see I'm a big PC fan and will choose a PC device way over an Apple product. By the way that iMac G4 I have was given to me for free. Thought I would test it out see if it would convince me to give mac's a chance, which obviously didn't work! One time I actually found a brand new ipod nano (8gb) on a plane, and gave it away for free the next week! Thats how much I can't stand them. Anyways heres a sneak peek of what I might be getting as my new desktop PC.

Looks sleek huh? well its 23inch screen wireless mouse and keyboard, touch screen interface, windows 7, video HD, 1 TB harddrive, 4gb memory ram, dvd/cd/dvdrw, webcam, microphone, 5.1 surround sound, TV capable, bluetooth capable, etc.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another one hit Haiti!

A week ago, the small country of Haiti was devastated by an 7.0 magnitude earth quake...with many lives lost. Sadly I heard today that another earth quake has hit the country, making relief efforts nearly impossible. I pray with all my heart that relief crews are able to find many survivors, but that is quite slim. I know how hard it must be for the Haitians to live  through this turmoil; it is comforting to see that many countries and especially many people here in the U.S. really do care. Surprising enough this disaster is getting more help and aid from the U.S. than when Katrina hit New Orleans! Which boggles my mind!

Haiti is just south of Cuba and shares the island of Hispaniola with the Dominican Republic...but is considered the poorest country in the western hemisphere! That is, 80% of the people live below the poverty line and others are on the brink of poverty level. The average income is close to $2 a day, and the country has no profitable exports. This is due in part because the whole land mass is deforested except for 2% of it, making the soil uneasy and unsuitable for vegetation and harvest. It is also quite astounding that it sits on the door step of one of the richest countries in the World, the U.S. Maybe this is a sign, that after this devastation that the country can start on a clean state and rebuild its infrastructure to keep up with other countries of its size. I've already donated close to $40, very small contribution I know, but it is about the only thing I can do!

Anyways, to catch you all up with my life: I am still hitting the books hard for my Masters at Embry-Riddle, my goal is to finnish the degree this time next year. I am about 5 courses in, meaning I have 6 more classes and then my thesis paper. In the mean time I am also working on my Private Pilot's license in which I am close to obtaining. I still need to do my written exam, 1 more short solo cross-country and then my long cross-country. After that, I will start preparing for my check ride; my goal is to obtain it by the end of february, provided the weather holds out. Also I just received my supplemental materials to help me study and prepare for my CM exam which is the "Certified Member/Manager" certification of AAAE (American Association of Airport Executives) which if I pass, I will get the CM title identifier after my name and it looks prestigous on your resume. Many airports look for this when hiring potential airport directors, managers and executives. My goal for achieving this is by the end of this year, because it will take a good 4 months to study, when I find the time and the test itself is 180 questions! as you can tell I am quite busy! I didn't even mention that I have two part time jobs as well working at two different airports! So my life is nothing but aviation, aviation, aviation! Life goes by too fast, but I am trying to enjoy every bit of it!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Welcome back Sam!

Welcome everybody to the year 2010!!! I am refreshed and have revamped this site for all! I have made a new years resolution to make a post everyday or at least 5 to 6 times a week full of new and fun information...and personal things too from me, of course! Anyways, this post is just an introduction to my newly reformed blog, and thus will be short for now. May this year bring all the best for humankind as we continue to better ourselves to make a promising future!

ny35.jpg image by Ixchel_08

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Stuck between depression and a satisfactory state, on the verge of crying but my optimism prevents me from doing that. I have the motivation to get many things accomplished and have positive feelings about my life. Depressed however, because my grandmother is very sick and reminising about the fonder things in life. Depropt (Depressed~Optimism) is what I call this feeling , where I want to conquer the world but being held back back from memories and things that I might lose in life. 

I just returned from New York City (coverage of that trip will be covered later) and every time I come back home from traveling, I get really depressed because I already miss that destination. My heart yearns for traveling, to see and experience different environments and to meet new people...probably why I chose the aviation industry as a career option. Life is really short and I want to grasp every opportunity I can get, because I don't know when my time will come that I will leave this world for another one. 

Right now I am listening to the October Sky theme song (everyone should watch this movie) which is not really helping my emotional situation, but definitely a song that helps keep the mind flowing. I am really into astronomy, and gazing at the stars is a habit of mine. I've once stood outside for 30 minutes in 20 degree weather staring at the moon and its adjacent stars. I love the concept of how vast and huge our universe is and that we are tiny "particles" just floating about, I hope one day that our fantasy of space conquest occurs, until then I will see you on the flip side. Just give me a day or two, I will be back to normal from this weird state of mind to tell you about the oddities of NYC. Once again, this feeling occurs usually after I have taken a trip somewhere, I will soon grasp on to reality.... all in good time!